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Property Analysis Tool Bundle

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Are you looking to purchase a rental property, but need help running the numbers efficiently?

Well look no further, my Detailed Rental Property Analysis Bundle will help you ensure your property will be profitable, BEFORE you buy. You no longer have to guesstimate on the fly.

This Rental Property Analysis will allow you to analyze:

✅ Capital Needed for a down-payment

✅ Net Operating Income

✅ Whether or not the property meets the 2% Rule

✅ Monthly, Yearly, 5-year, and 30-year Cash Flow

✅ Cost per Sq. Foot

✅ Rent per Sq. Foot

✅ Debt Service Coverage Ratio

✅ Max Purchase Price & Cash-Out Refinance Analysis Calculator

✅ Comparable Market Analysis to find ARV

✅ Debt Service Coverage Calculator

✅ Cash on Cash Return Analysis

✅ 2- Year Performance Projection

✅ BONUS: 50 Real Estate Terms Every Investor Should Know

You'll also receive free updated versions as I modify or make changes along the way.

Note, because of the nature of the product (digital product), all sales are FINAL as access to the resources cannot be revoked.

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Property Analysis Tool Bundle

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