The Blueprint Vol. II: House-Hacking 101, How to Fire Your Landlord and Live for Free!

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The Blueprint Vol. II: House-Hacking 101, How to Fire Your Landlord and Live for Free!

9 ratings

So, you want to start building wealth in real estate...stop saying when and start saying now!

Are you tired of paying 30-50% of your income for something you’ll never own?

Tired of dealing with terrible landlords and property management?

Ready to start bringing in passive income?

Ready to start building wealth in real estate, without giving up a ton of your cash and even if your credit isn’t perfect?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you need to learn about one of the best kept secrets in real estate...House Hacking!

This is one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to get into real estate while actually owning the property. You’ll have your tenants pay your housing expenses, while increasing your monthly income. You’ll be able to save and invest more, have more time to spend with loved ones, instead of working overtime to make ends meet, save more on taxes, and much much more.

My blueprint to house-hacking, will teach you everything you need to know to successfully acquire and manage your first property, and you can use this strategy over and over again to build generational wealth! This is the ONLY House-Hacking Course you’ll ever need!

My name is Brian, also known as The Infamous CPA. I successfully House-Hacked a 3-unit building that pays me every month, while taking care of ALL of my housing expenses, allowing me to save an additional $1,600 per month.

This isn’t like most courses. There is NO FLUFF! Only 100% useful information that’ll save you time and money, that you’d typically spend trying to figure out how to get your real estate business started.

Here's What Is Covered in The Blueprint:

Step 1 - Mindset & Money

In this class, we’ll get you in the right mindset to accomplish not only your goal of acquiring a property and making passive income, but to also succeed in all endeavors. We will give you the tools to flourish in your personal finances, so it will no longer be a barrier to your goals.

✅ Step 2 - Define Your Investment Criteria

In this class, we’ll walk you through how to create a very detailed investment criteria to take the guesswork out of house hunting, and drastically reduce the time it takes to identify properties that align with your goals.

✅ Step 3 - Financing Blueprint

In the Financing Blueprint, we’ll break down six financing strategies you’ll be able to leverage to acquire each property, including but not limited to Conventional financing, FHA loans, and Renovation loans.

✅ Step 4 - Property Analysis Masterclass

In this masterclass, you’ll become fluent in real estate terminology, key metrics you need to know to analyze properties, and how to analyze properties accurately and efficiently. We will break down how I analyzed my first deal.

✅ Step 5 - Closing on Your Property

In this masterclass, you’ll learn all the details on the homebuying process, including how to choose a lender and get pre-approved, choose a realtor, identify target areas, what to look out for while touring properties, submitting offers, and all the other details needed to close on your properties.

✅ Step 6 - Marketing and Managing Your Rentals

After closing on your property, we’ll discuss how to effectively market your rentals to find good tenants quickly and how to properly manage your rentals yourself or hire a property manager, so everything runs smoothly.

BONUS - Investing Despite COVID, FAQs, and Renovation Tips & Tricks

Brian will discuss what has changed in the housing and lending market during the pandemic, how to take advantage of the market during this time, renovation tips & tricks, and frequently asked questions.

BONUS - Turnkey House-Hacking Tips

Brian will dive into how you can house-hack without renovating a property.

Included Resources & Tools

✅ 4 Hours of Video Lessons

✅ Max Purchase Price & Cash-Out Refinance Analysis Calculator

✅ CashFlow Analysis

✅ Comparable Market Analysis to find ARV

✅ 2% Rule Calculator

✅ Debt Service Coverage Calculator

✅ Cash on Cash Return Analysis

✅ 2- Year Performance Projection

✅ Monthly Budget Spreadsheet and DTI Ratio Calculator

✅ House-Hacking Course Worksheet

✅ Tenant Pre-Qualifying Form

BONUS: 50 Real Estate Terms Every Investor Should Know

As you can see, this is certainly the blueprint to not only getting started with house-hacking, but is packed with resources to facilitate the operations of your business as well. You’ll find an incredible amount of value in this course.

If you value your time and are serious about learning how to house-hack your way to wealth, this course will lay out the blueprint you need to make literally 20 times its price, in your first couple months after collecting rent — if not much more!

Note, due to the nature of the product (digital product) all sales are final as access cannot be revoked.


Eric Rhodes (Purchased Duplex)

- "I was in the process of purchasing my first rental property when I purchased Brian's course. Even though I had a great realtor the course allowed me to gain additional knowledge of the buying process and run the numbers using the calculators to evaluate the deal before I made my purchasing decision.

The spreadsheets, calculators, and surveys have walked me through the process and have been a great resource. I will continue to utilize these resources as I purchase my next two properties in the future."

Tracy Ann

- “This is an amazing course and so full of information. Y’all got to get this course. Period!”

SAAB Course Member

- Half way through. You’re doing a great job. No fluff straight to the point, but really informative. I appreciate all the extra tools that you provided. Already I feel like it was truly money well spent. Thank you.

Randiss Hopkins

- This course is amazing!

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8 Videos, 2 Quizzes, A Course Worksheet, and Tons of Resources


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